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In December 2015, a few Bengaluru-based alumni of XLRI Jamshedpur decided to put their heads and hearts together to do something for the city. Soon Beautiful Bengaluru was born, nurtured and incubated by XLBang, the local chapter of the XLRI Alumni committee. Beautiful Bengaluru, which began as a social cause and a citizen movement, has evolved into a green intervention with global relevance on many focus areas. It was supported along the way by alumni from the local chapter of IIM Calcutta. Together we chose to work with the clean-green-safe agenda, as several aspects of the deterioration in the city that bothered us most, fell under this umbrella. We felt inspired to move beyond complaining about the inefficiencies we were witnessing, particularly those of us who remembered the city from earlier decades. What turned out well is that the solutions we work for also make the planet greener as well!

Giving Back
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Compelled into positive action with the belief that we could make a difference by a movement that simply changes habits at an individual level, we launched in. We extended our reach, partnering with communities, corporates, educational institutions and government agencies. Our team is now actively in the space of working for a cleaner, greener, safer city. We partner with experts in various fields, building on the synergy that this city with its rich resources and active citizen groups has in plenty.

We started with a small group, but our volunteer base has grown steadily, with many like-minded people joining us and wishing to do their bit. We welcome anyone keen to make a difference and do their bit for the city, so please do click on our ‘How you can help’ tab to understand how you can be a part of this movement – even without spending any extra time! Having spare time is not essential, though it is an advantage in spreading our message – be it at specific drives or through our team members who work for change in their communities. Our members are committed green enthusiasts today, and we inspire each other with a spreading fervour to adopt habits that make a real difference.

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