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Beautiful Bengaluru is well-known for its posters/videos with their clear calls to action, and now additionally for innovative campaigns aimed at engaging citizens to achieve simple goals of less litter and waste, including water wastage.


Our "No Balloons Please" movement takes a strong stand for the planet. It encourages all citizens to celebrate without balloons, just as earlier generations did. Many are unaware of balloons' harmful effects on our environment and wildlife.

Through this campaign, we wish to create awareness and ease out balloons in celebrations, whatever the occasion, to protect our precious ecosystems. Let’s agree that balloons no longer find a place in celebrations of today’s stressed environment and each do our bit to change the way we celebrate – so that our Mother Earth can celebrate too!


Reducing waste is a core outcome we aspire for, as the only way to handle the burgeoning waste of our cities. As we strive to stay safe during the time of COVID, we strongly urge residents to stay safe but not at the cost of the planet. The simple call-to-action is: Switch to reusable cloth masks. 


Our new campaign encourages residents to shift not just to cloth masks, but upcycled cloth masks that combine the angle of sustainability and reduced carbon footprints. Read more about it and encourage your contacts to participate. Also, do read further to understand why this is important.


In connection with the plastic ban in Karnataka, we wished to bring in something that could complement enforcement by the authorities. And so we decided on the carrot approach of recognizing those who are setting great examples for others to follow, who diligently follow the plastic ban whether or not anyone is watching and who set new standards in eco-friendly practices by their innovative ideas. This campaign was launched in June 2018 timed with the Beat Plastic Pollution theme of World Environment Day. Every month, we have Green Awards in various categories (Apartments & residences, Corporates, Hospitals & clinics, Hotels & service apartments,  Malls & theatres, Online retailers & food service, Restaurants & ice cream parlours, Retail vendors & stores, Salons & florists, Schools & colleges).


This campaign has since generated much interest and is showing impact as well. In particular, it has helped shape thinking and redefine safe drinking water, where the public realises that bottled water is not the only way to serve water of assured purity and class! Many residents are now reporting use of our BB water poster series to convince decision-makers to go zero-waste on water service. This is the change we are hoping for – and wish to see happen in much greater measure!


Banned plastic flags litter the country’s streets after every Independence & Republic day. BB wished to draw attention to the disrespect this resulted in. Our poster on Independence Day gave a clear message to the nation – besides views on social media, it was also displayed on 2400 screens across the country including metro stations, spreading our  impact well beyond the city!

Flowers are beautiful but not many realise that the plastic sheets/ribbons they come with, create huge problems of mixed waste. BB’s compelling posters highlighted this issue ahead of Valentine’s Day. BBMP responded with raids on florists across the city, sending a strong message of compliance. Our #PlasticFreeFlowers campaign now encourages more residents to popularise the concept, uploading pictures of plasticfree flowers they give or receive.


Intended to engage the younger generation during their holidays, this campaign was started during the summer of 2018. Students choose to work on either ‘Reducing plastic’ or ‘Saving water’. In this connection, they interact with residents (and vendors, where relevant) and get pledges that say no to plastic or to save water – with many additional tips to them on how they could spread green habits. We were happy to get 1100+ pledges in our first summer. The campaign remains open for any student to carry out through the year, with detailed checklists, posters, formats and scripts on what/what not to say! Through this campaign, we hope that we are grooming many young green ambassadors who will understand and imbibe our beautiful habits, spread them not just now but as they move into adulthood as well and to any part of the world beyond Beautiful Bengaluru!

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