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'Freedom from spitting' must become the new goal of every Indian this Independence Day!


Because #SpitKills – as this amazing visual campaign reminds us. Today we launch this campaign, done pro-bono by our creative partner 21n78e as part of the #StopIndiaSpitting movement, because they felt this is a compelling social cause. We seek your support to get the powerful message it conveys to every corner of the country.


Please use this set of creatives widely – there are versions for banners, standees and social media posts. They can go out printed, on digital screens or soft copies – whatever works to get the message out there that spitting spreads covid and spitting must stop!


We ask that you retain the creative as is, but do add in your logo in the space provided in the logo band beneath the creative. 


We also request that you ensure not to use any banned material like flex but strictly comply with the law in your state. Additionally, it is important that we do not create violations by hanging illegal banners in public places or creating litter by way of fliers. Banners are best used temporarily at events and saved carefully for later reuse. Let's ensure that our good efforts on this crucial national cause are appreciated, so we give no cause for any violation.


Also requesting all campaign partners who may use these banners and standees in any drives that may follow, please ensure to strictly follow Covid Appropriate Behaviour, with masks firmly covering the nose too and ensuring basic distancing. After all, our campaign aims to curb covid spread, so it's important we are mindful of these too.


Covid gave the country an inadvertent opportunity to address a problem we have tolerated too long. We must grab it, for the time is now. Come play a small part in a big movement and together let's #StopIndiaSpitting for a #SpitFreeIndia.