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Beautiful Habits:

We have honed in on a simple set of measures, specific to our 6 core areas, which can reverse the downward spiral that further endangers our city. We call this our list of Beautiful Habits.

What is even better, these are habits that are globally applicable for a greener planet, so every habit that we adopt works beautifully in virtually every city on the planet! 

We firmly believe that these simple changes made at an individual level do all add up, and can collectively bring about the change we would all like to see.

We would like you to help us spread the message that these beautiful habits need to be adopted by one and all. We have worked to create resources that can facilitate this change, through videos, posters and other messaging that can be easily followed by those who view them, towards the goal of that Beautiful Bengaluru and that greener planet.

The videos and posters that we have created seed in simple ideas some may not ever have thought about. They also send powerful reminders of things we may know but tend to forget or underestimate the importance of and their impact on a beautiful Bengaluru – and a greener planet! They are simple ways of reminding others of the change we wish to see – be it a print of our ‘Carry your own bag’ poster given to your neighbourhood store or our ‘Say no to paper cups’ poster given to the local tea vendor, to help them get customers understand, accept the alternatives and agree to the change. Many have shared that our posters provide the ideal means of getting a tough message across, especially to known persons – we are glad to lend a shoulder to fire the gun from, as well as the ammunition for it, if it wins the battle for a cleaner, greener city faster!

The documents give you more input on how you can be the change in your own locality – and start facilitating cleaner streets and bringing back beautiful public spaces, how you can save trees in danger and foster greener spaces. Our ‘Be the Change’ calendar has a green theme for every month with simple reminders to push users towards greener habits for a beautiful Bengaluru and a greener planet. Feel free to use it as a screensaver or on your soft-board.

One less litter bit on the street, one more set of segregated bins, one more passionate water-saver, one less honker on our streets… we believe they will slowly add up! And with more people involved, we know we can get there faster. Do help, simply by sharing these videos and posters in your communities.

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