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Beautiful Bharat is a dream that collectively we can turn into a reality.

We started in 2015 as Beautiful Bengaluru. We now inspire citizens across the country to work towards cleaner, greener and safer cities everywhere.

Our logo symbolizes our vision – a Beautiful Bharat – and how we will get there, with each resident doing their bit to ‘Be The Change’.

Come, be a part of the change and play a role in the transformation of your city, while also greening the planet. Let’s make our Bharat beautiful!

CLICK HERE* to know more about what we do and how you can work towards a Beautiful Bharat, without necessarily spending any extra time!

We would especially like your support on our flagship campaign, now a national movement to #StopIndiaSpitting. Do take a few minutes to catch our videos and posters, so that you can share them to build awareness on this crucial issue. We’d like to make covid a turning point for spitting in India. With enough support, we could together well make it the social change milestone of the century. Come let’s StopIndiaSpitting!

Click here for 20+ campaign videos on our StopIndiaSpitting YouTube playlist.

Image by Naveed Ahmed
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