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Green Ambassador Summer Campaign

Intended to engage the younger generation during their holidays, this campaign was started during the summer of 2018. Students choose to work on either ‘Reducing plastic’ or ‘Saving water’. In this connection, they interact with residents (and vendors, where relevant) and get pledges that say no to plastic or to save water – with many additional tips to them on how they could spread green habits. We were happy to get 1100+ pledges in our first summer. The campaign remains open for any student to carry out through the year, with detailed checklists, posters, formats and scripts on what/what not to say! Through this campaign, we hope that we are grooming many young green ambassadors who will understand and imbibe our beautiful habits, spread them not just now but as they move into adulthood as well and to any part of the world beyond Beautiful Bengaluru!

Summer is here! something exciting for city children… Please access full details in the pdf file. Children can choose their projects or create their own, based on the details, posters and scripts we’ve shared!

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