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In connection with the plastic ban in Karnataka, we wished to bring in something that could complement enforcement by the authorities. And so we decided on the carrot approach of recognizing those who are setting great examples for others to follow, who diligently follow the plastic ban whether or not anyone is watching and who set new standards in eco-friendly practices by their innovative ideas. This campaign was launched in June 2018 timed with the Beat Plastic Pollution theme of World Environment Day. Every month, we have Green Awards in various categories (Apartments & residences, Corporates, Hospitals & clinics, Hotels & service Apartments, Malls & theatres, Online retailers & food service, Restaurants & ice cream parlours, Retail vendors & stores, Salons & florists, Schools & colleges).

This campaign has since generated much interest and is showing impact as well. In particular, it has helped shape thinking and redefine safe drinking water where the public realises that bottled water is not the only way to serve water of assured purity and class! Many residents are now reporting use of our BB water poster series to convince decision-makers to go zero-waste on water service. This is the change we are hoping for – and wish to see happen in much greater measure!

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