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Up, up and away... but not gone! When we release balloons, they don't just disappear - they end up as litter, posing a serious threat to wildlife on land and in water. Our "No Balloons Please" movement takes a strong stand for the planet. It encourages all citizens to celebrate without balloons, just as earlier generations did. Many are unaware of the harmful effects of balloons on our environment and wildlife. They may bring momentary joy, but the damage they cause is lasting – be it to our animals, birds, marine life, even babies who have choked by swallowing balloon fragments.

Through this campaign, we wish to create awareness and ease out balloons in celebrations, whatever the occasion, to protect our precious ecosystems. Beautiful Bharat has been working on this issue since 2018. In August 2023, we grew it from a campaign to a movement, with the addition of a petition to our Prime Minister to push for action that can ease balloons out of year-round celebrations across the country. The petition is currently live, and has garnered spontaneous support from over 6000+ conscious citizens and environment groups across the country, growing each day. 

CLICK HERE to read the petition and the reasons that balloons need to be eased out. We need your support to sign and share it. We also need your support to share our awareness posters and videos, part of our #GreenPatriots campaign (click here to access). You will find many wonderful alternatives to balloons, using earth-friendly decorations of cloth, paper or flowers that can be reused, recycled or composted after the celebration. Try them out and send us pics of your decorations by tagging us on social media, and do share more ideas that we can make popular.
Let’s agree that balloons no longer find a place in celebrations of today’s stressed environment and each do our bit to change the way we celebrate – so that our Mother Earth can celebrate too!

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