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To start with, we thought we’d get everyone thinking about how we can each reduce our trash – and came up with this unique way, a monthly contest open to the public. Through this contest, we reinforce two key messages:

Generate less trash by consuming less and consuming wisely.
Send less trash to landfill by converting the trash we do have into beautiful and/or useful items.
We work with the simple mantra that the earth’s resources will last longer if we all use less, reuse more, waste less & create more treasures from trash! Monthly entries bring in great ideas from people making innovative items of utility and/or beauty from waste. Here are some ideas; please do help share this among communities who can get inspired to pool in their ideas, and also try out some of these. Let’s continue to encourage masses of people to keep waste away from landfills by reusing, recycling and upcycling. Our contest has been running since July 2017 and we continue to be delighted by the original ideas that come in.

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